Proposal Accepted, an early Christmas present

Bushbury Hill EMB received an early Christmas present from the Council last week.  Having received the Right to Transfer (RTT) Proposal Notice they have responded commendably promptly.

The really good news is that they have accepted the Notice as valid.  We were pretty confident we’d got it right, but as this is unexplored territory we couldn’t be sure.

To be clear, the Council still do not agree with stock transfer as a matter of principle, so their acceptance simply confirms that the Proposal Notice complies with the RTT Regulations.

However this is still great news for Bushbury Hill EMB as it means we can move to the Feasibility Stage and finally do the work that will determine if transfer is both possible and can deliver the tenants’ aspirations.

One thing is certain, January 2014 is going to be a busy one, with stock options appraisal and landlord selection high on the agenda.

Merry Christmas and come back in the New Year for the latest on the Right to Transfer.


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